Cyber protection

Monitor networks

Our sensor takes a number of feeds of malicious sites detected and reported by Industry leading honeypot networks on a global basis
These sites are automatically blocked at the perimeter of your network before they reach any devices connected to your network.

This complements the endpoint protection already afforded to your devices by your existing security software. This protection is provided to all devices, including smartphones that are connected to your network.

Anomalies detected during this 24×7 monitoring are reported to you during normal working hours (unless you upgrade to a real-time 24×7 alert service).

 Vulnerability Scan (Per 3 Month)

 Blocking of Adverts

 Blocking of Suspicious Sites

 Malware Protection

 Antivirus Detection

 Detects Suspicious Activity (Devices)

 White Listing Websites

 UPNP Detection



 Hard drive Encryption Detection

 MFA Detection

 Password Manager Detection

 Personalised Weekly Emails

 1-2-1 visits

 Elevated Permissions Detection

 Asset Management

 Endpoint Agent

 Patch Management

 Wifi Scanning