We use unique, custom-built tools to give us the edge

Your company may have one or more websites and you may use in-house built apps.  Furthermore, the security measures applied to your devices are obviously an essential part of ensuring your overall level of cyber protection is optimal.

A key part of our 360 Cyber Protection service is to ensure that your websites, apps and devices are secured to meet good practice cyber security guidelines.

In everything we do, we implement the UK National Cyber Security Centre’s guidance for small and medium sized companies.  The NCSC, part of the UK’s GCHQ intelligence community, was established to provide advice and guidance on good practice cyber security measures.  Our 360 Cyber Protection offering, is based entirely upon the guidance emanating from the NCSC.  We are also committed to updating our services in line with the latest NCSC advice.

So what will we do as part of our 360 Cyber Protection service to help secure your websites, apps and devices?

  • We will carry out simple tests to discover whether your website is vulnerable to an attack that could take you offline.
  • We will test whether your website can be defaced.
  • We will test to see if we can discover confidential information about your website that you wouldn’t wish to be visible.
  • We will check that all devices connected to your network are protected to the optimum level necessary and we will give you guidance on how to ensure that your devices are kept patched up-to-date with the latest operating software.
  • We will carry out remote vulnerability assessments periodically to determine whether devices connected to your network are vulnerable to attack or compromise.
  • Should you wish for a more sophisticated penetration test of your IT infrastructure we will arrange that for you, using one of our NCSC accredited cyber security partners.  This service will be priced according to your requirements and will be treated as a separate cyber security project.

All of these services will be arranged with you at the time you sign-up to the 360 Cyber Protection service.



As part of our 360 Cyber Protection service, each week, you will receive a report that details the cyber protective landscape that we have provided for you.

The report will include details of:

  • Internet connectivity – detailing any outages suffered by your network (useful business information to discuss with your ISP or Telco)
  • Number of new devices connecting to the network that week – identified by *name, type, manufacturer, IP address, when it was first seen and whether the device(s) has been enabled for use on the network
  • Devices that may be attempting to bypass the 360 Cyber Protection service
  • Any computers without anti-virus software – identified by name etc (as above * for new devices connecting to the network)
  • Unidentified devices identified as above*
  • Security services in use by users – such as Avira, Bitwarden, Backblaze, etc
  • Suspicious websites that have been blocked – identified by site url, how many times access was attempted and the device name(s) that attempted access

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